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Keynote Speakers

Adventurers (7)

Adventurer Speakers are brave individuals who push their bodies and minds to the limit. They will share their experiences from their trips and talk about overcoming exhaustion, being timid or fearful through their stories.

Aging - Senior Issues - Demographic Change (4)

These speakers are experts in all issues related to Aging Senior Issues. They provide helpful information regarding estates and assets, organizing legal documents.

Agricultural (3)

Agricultural speakers are individuals with knowledge regarding land management, the changing economy, and the latest advancements in farming and agriculture.

Alcohol Abuse - Drug Dependency - Substance Abuse (3)

Alcohol & Drug Dependency speakers have specialized training and education in substance abuse and coping mechanisms.  These individuals know how to help in all aspects of dependency and how these issues relate to daily life.

Alliances (1)

Alliance speakers know exactly how to help groups of people collaborate and form strong alliances.  These individuals can to help build teams within a company and between companies, and can help organize all aspects of teamwork so that everyone benefits from the experience.

Astronauts - Space Exploration (8)

Inspire the participants at your next event to look to the stars for guidance regarding any of a wide number of topics. Barber and Associates is simply the best source you’ll find to book an astronaut speaker to wow the crowd.

Behavioral Finance Speakers (5)

Behavioral Finance speakers understand the psychology that affects the decisions we make regarding our finances. These professionals educate people on research and studies and provide invaluable information on how your target market thinks.

Branding - Advertising (12)

In today’s business landscape, branding is everything and companies are turning to Barber & Associates to find the top Branding Speakers. Possessing a unique corporate identity in the minds of consumers builds awareness, drives consideration and pushes sales much better than just being "another face in the crowd." Understanding the needs and desires of the marketplace is paramount to establishing a strong brand, and our roster of branding speakers and experts will inspire and teach your team to connect with your audience, deliver your message, and build customer loyalty.

Business Leaders - Visionaries - Strategists (15)

Business Visionaries are some of the brightest minds in business.  These are people who have successfully created and maintained profitable businesses, are strong leaders, and are knowledgeable on a variety of issues that affect the way a company grows in a fruitful direction.

Cancer Survivors (14)

Cancer is the nation’s leading cause of death and almost every American has been directly and indirectly affected by it in some way. If you’re looking to be inspired and educated by a Cancer Survivors who wants to share their story, contact Barber & Associates to reserve a speaker today. Sometimes hearing someone else’s struggle with a debilitating disease can restore faith, prosperity and motivation like no other way.

Celebrity Chefs - Restaurateurs (13)

There's nothing like having a meal prepared by a professional or watching a culinary expert work their magic! Barber and Associates has the best culinary chefs and restauranteurs nationwide to impress your guests.

Change (33)

Is your organization in need of a face lift? It’s a fact in today’s business landscape that companies that fail to change fail to thrive. When your policies, culture and work ethic are in need of some serious change, you need a Change Management Speaker, an expert in updating, adapting and evolving your organization to meet goals and exceed expectations. Our roster of change speakers includes experts that will give your team the inspiration and knowledge to evolve into a stronger, more efficient machine.

Communications (4)

In today's fast-paced world, communications is key. Learning how to get your message across clearly and concisely is very important. If your company or staff needs an expert knowledgeable in the field of Communications, contact B&A today!

Corporate Fraud (1)

We have all seen the devastating effects of white collar crime and have seen the way it not only impacts the business itself, but also the way it impacts employees. Corporate fraud keynote speakers will help keep your company ethical and teach you how to avoid experiencing the tragedies involved with fraud.

Creativity (12)

Businesses in a competitive market stay ahead of the curve with creative ideas and strategies. Smart, creative thinking benefits every aspect of an organization ranging from overall efficiency to boosted sales. Don’t let your business go stale -- let Barber & Associates find you perfect Creativity orator who will teach your team the skills to cultivate big ideas and bright futures.

Customer Service (20)

Excellent customer service impacts all areas of the corporate structure. From increased sales, to retention our experienced orators will not only address they why’s but also the how’s of customer service through practical and thought provoking messages. Whatever your objectives are, let Barber & Associates share our top notch industry leaders to enhance your client’s experience by providing the BEST in entertainment.

Defense Policy (2)

Companies who stay up to date with their security regulations and safety concerns find they  spend less of their time trying to catch up on the most recent rules and regulation allowing more time to focus on more pressing matters; Barber & Associates will help in acquiring the best Defense Policy.

Disability Issues (2)

Barber & Associates has worked with individuals with disabilities for many years and we applaud those courageous individuals and their strong families who show us what unconditional love looks like and we empathize with the struggles that these individuals with disabilities and their families face each day but to get to see the smiles and happiness among these families during the events that our hosted by Barber & Associates make it all worthwhile.

Diversity (8)

As our world shrinks to encompass people from different walks of life, it is essential that we learn to embrace what makes us each unique. Barber & Associates rosters motivational keynote Diversity Speakers that leave the podium having made an impact, a difference in the audience, and a desire to do more and achieve more because of our diversity. Whether you are looking for a inspirational message or highly spirited panel discussion, let us suggest professional diversity speakers to meet your corporation or association’s needs.

Economists (15)

Looking for a motivational economist to impact the future of your business? Barber & Associates provides world class Economics Speakers that will provide insight into current and future trends by communicating clearly how economic trends and issues impact the market place.

Education (14)

James Comer says that no significant learning can come without a significant relationship; George Washington Carver said that all learning is, is understanding relationships. Barber & Associates strategy for education is lead fearlessly, love hard with palpable passion, and fearless determination while leading and caring for the future of our students.

Empowerment - Employee Engagement (6)

If you are looking to empower your company and give it that extra edge Barber & Associates is the place to do so.  Empowerment includes encouragement and that is what Barber & Associates  are all about, so if you are looking for the best professionals that will motivate and captivate your honored guests, peers, and colleagues, look no further because Barber & Associates will show you how to use your skills effectively and Barber & Associates is the best operator for you next event.

Energy Policy (1)

Barber & Associates will be happy to assist you with all of your Energy Policy questions or concerns; contact us today to find an expert on Energy Policy today and we will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

Environmental (1)

The environment is more than air, water, minerals, etc.- the environment is also the social and cultural forces that shape the life of a person. Barber & Associates can be trusted with your commitment to Environmental Policy.

Ethics - Trust - Integrity (3)

Common decency is an important characteristic for members of a company. Barber and Associates can help you find an ethics speaker to instill proper moral behavior for your business today.

Financial (21)

Financial fraud happens everyday. Don’t be a victim. Barber & Associates can help. Call us today for a list of experienced professional speaker to educate you on how to prevent financial fraud.

Financial Fraud (1)

Financial fraud happens everyday. Don’t be a victim. Barber & Associates can help. Call us today for a list of experienced professional speaker to educate you on how to prevent financial fraud.

Futurists (29)

Barber & Associates offers insightful professional futurist speakers who can address the issues and concerns impacting your company both today and tomorrow. Without an eye for the future, a business cannot expect to thrive and succeed. Let our knowledgeable staff find you the perfect futurist speaker for your next event.

Game Shows (2)

If you are looking for a good time or just a fun night out on the town, come see us at Barber & Associates where you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Growth (1)

Health - Wellness - Fitness - Nutrition (10)

Creating a healthy culture within your workplace is imperative to lasting successful for companies worldwide. Stay on the cutting edge of healthcare with a health or fitness speaker from Barber and Associates.

Healthcare - Medical (25)

Barber & Associates is proud to be the healthcare industry’s leader for the most in-demand speakers- they are the healthcare industry’s top resource for the most in-demand healthcare speakers. B & A is proud to offer speakers whom are not only world-renowned physicians and leaders in the medical community, but these speakers can provide answers and solutions to the face of healthcare which is constantly changing and improving.

Heart Health (2)

Cardiac issues are nothing to ignore and today preventative healthcare is making great strides in saving lives. To request a Heart Health speaker contact Barber and Associates so that we may find the best fit for your occasion.

Historians (4)

Historians are experts on topics within a specific time period. They can range from combat, politics, fashion, environmental issues, and even movies. Barber and Associates has the top Historian Speakers and will help you find the one that will best suit your needs.

Hollywood Actors - Directors - Producers (9)

There are thousands of actors, directors and producers who are famous for their work on the big screen. If you're looking to up the ante of your next event, contact Barber & Associates so that we can book the talent you're looking for.

Immigration Policy (1)

Immigration Policy speakers focus on the changes and additions to new regulations that countries impose as time goes on. Homeland Security works daily to keep out illegal immigrants and laws work to protect legal immigrants’ right at the same time. If you want to know the current status on immigration policy, Barber and Associates will schedule a speaker near you.

Imposters (4)

Don't be fooled! Our Imposters are some of the best around. If you're looking for someone with a trick up their sleeve, look no further.

Innovation (17)

It has been proven in the past that companies whom have the most success in the long haul are those who are the most creative and innovative- companies that are extremely passionate about what it is they do, these are the companies or individuals who are willing to give and put in their all to either fail or succeed, of course we all hope that we will succeed, and with the help of Innovation Speakers from Barber & Associates the chance of succeeding increases ten-fold.

Inspiration (53)

Inspiration comes in many forms and speakers from Barber and Associates know how to get your staff motivated.To trigger that spark in your employees call us to book one of our many talented professionals.

Intelligence (1)

Subject Matter experts can delve into Intelligence subjects unlike any other. If you have a concern and need more information on national security, warfare tactics, political opposition, or any specific type of Intelligence, call Barber and Associates today and we can find the best consultant to fit your needs.

Intergenerational (3)

Conflict, equality and mobility are some of the intergenerational issues companies face as their business grows over time. Let Barber and Associates help find the best Intergenerational Speaker for you.

International Affairs (7)

Global, foreign and International Speakers are great assets for companies expanding or venturing into new business territories. For a comprehensive list of professionals contact Barber and Associates.

Internet Security (2)

Internet Security is a vital asset for modern day business owners. Keep your company safe from hackers. Barber & Associates has a list of speakers to show you how.

Jet Fighter Pilots (7)

Every organization or business needs motivating and inspiring relationship with their employees, partners and customers. Barber & Associates can make a reservation for a Pilot to speak at your next event to get their engines going!

Jugglers (3)

Juggling talent suitable for all your needs. Entertainment or motivational juggler available. Barber & Associates can set up an appointment with Scott Burton for any occasion.

Leadership (133)

Professional Leadership Speakers can show you how to be a true leader for your company. Barber & Associates will find you a elocutionist perfect for your next company meeting.

Legal-Judicial (2)

Legal or Judicial Speakers can be essential to helping students learn the law. Barber & Associates can give you a list of speakers to teach your upcoming seminar.

Life Balance (8)

Balancing work and life can be difficult at times. Let Barber & Associates find you a work-life balance expert today.

Management (110)

Managing a business properly is key to being successful in your company. Barber & Associates can help with a Management professional to speak at your next meeting.

Marketing (22)

Proper marketing for your company is essential for a successful business. Barber & Associates have professional marketers to instruct your students or employees on how to build a prosperous marketing team for any company.

Media Personalities - Reporters - Anchors - Correspondents (10)

The tact and quick thinking of Media personnel is something is known for. If you're searching for a host, speaker or professional who is quick on their feet, call us today so we can get you in touch with the right personality to fit your needs.

Military (14)

The men and women who fight for our freedom have a unique perspective on life through their challenges and experiences. If you're looking for an active duty, retired, or veteran service member as a speaker, look no further than Barber and Associates.

Motivational (139)

Lack of motivation within a company can lower morale, production and sales. Barber & Associates have a wide variety of motivational speakers to educate your employees at your next business meeting or event.

National Security (1)

National security is top priority in this day and time. At Barber & Associates we take our country’s safety very seriously. It is imperative to educate your employees about how these policies influence your business. We have a directory of highly qualified National Security Speakers to inform your company.

Navy Seals (3)

If you are looking for encouragement or motivation to educate your guests of the conflicts and achievements of a Navy Seal, Barber & Associates can book your next event.

Negotiation (6)

We exercise negotiation everyday but in business it can be crucial to your company. At Barber & Associates we have a comprehensive list of negotiators that can educate your employees on how to improve their sales negotiation skills.

Nursing (9)

For some nursing is a way of life they have chosen because of their compassion for another life. Balancing nursing and life outside of work can be a challenging experience. At Barber & Associates we understand. We have a list of nursing professionals and among those is Bobbie Staten to educate on how to balance the two. We can provide a Nursing Speaker to attend your event.

Peak Performance (12)

Are you looking to bring yourself or your team up to their maximum potential? A Peak Performance Speaker will help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential! Check out our speakers in this category to learn more.

Personal Finance (5)

Are you having personal financial issues. We can help! Barber & Associates can lead you to a personal finance speaker to inspire you and motivate you in the right direction. We have a vast selection of personal finance speakers to speak at your next event ignite diversity and success through motivational presentations.

Personal Security (1)

Safety is  the number one priority for everyone. Barber & Associates have a massive variety of Personal Security speakers that can educate you and your employees on how to stay safe in your home, your job and through the internet. Schedule one of our expert speakers to attend your next event, meeting or seminar.

Political Commentators - Pundits - Analysts (26)

Are you searching for a well-known author in the political field, a media executive or an accomplished politician? Barber & Associates offers Politics A-List of Speakers to address the latest topics of politics today.

Retail (1)

The retail industry is consumer focused and trends change seasonally. If you're looking for insight into this lucrative commerce, browse our selection of speakers today, or request someone specifically.

Safety (6)

Safety is essential and imperative to every company. Barber & Associates have compiled a list of safety speakers to educate your employees of the importance of public safety at your upcoming company meeting.

Sales Trainers (19)

Sales have a massive impact on a company’s survival. At Barber & Associates we have a vast list of professional and motivated sales trainers to captivate your team and educate them on the best ways to conquer the sales market.

Science - Engineering (3)

The complexity of Science and Engineering makes it one of the most endearing professions int he world. From building skyscrapers to formulating cures for diseases, professionals know their fields of study and are available through our website.

Stress Management (4)

Today's world can pile on a lot for companies and individuals alike. If you're looking to talk to a consultant on stress management, browse our selection of speakers today.

Team Building - Team Work (25)

The amount of success that your business has depends on how much your team pulls together. If you are looking for a speaker that has the ability to inspire your employees with team building skills for a successful company, Barber & Associates can provide you with a team building speaker to host your next meeting.

Technology (15)

Keep up to date on the latest in technology with a speaker from B&A.  We are a prime source for the nation's top technology firms including IBM, e-toll, Cybernet Systems, Trilogy Software, Cree, 3Com, Novell, Nortel Networks, WebTrends, Alltell Information Systems, and several more!

Terrorism (1)

The world is bombarded by constant threats from dangerous individuals who want to terrorize innocent individuals. Don’t be left behind without the advice from one of our expert Terrorism Speakers today.

Time Management (1)

Do you find there’s not enough minutes in the day? We have individuals ready to help you plan and execute your day more efficiently. Browse our selection of Time Management Speakers today.

White Collar Fraud (1)

Financial misrepresentation is becoming a common occurence for many businesses in today's world. Talking with an expert in White Collar Fraud can help you reconcile a misunderstanding with clients or learn ways to prevent it from happening in the first place. Contact us today to pinpoint the appropriate speaker for your group.

Women's Issues (13)

Women have come a long way. At Barber & Associates we can provide the world’s most esteemed women to captivate, test, inspire, and galvanize your audiences around the world. Our eminent list of women in business make an astronomical roster of spokeswomen to speak at your next event.








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